Hello from Northern Arizona


They're actually pretty good
Jun 18, 2021
Hi Friends!

My name is Erin. I live off grid in the high desert of northern arizona, though I'm originally from California. I've always enjoyed the outdoors, river days, and solitude, but in the last year I've committed to exploring the southwest more thoroughly, especially northern Arizona and far southern Utah. I did a couple grand canyon trips this spring and have more plans in the works for fall (vaseys paradise, kanab and nankoweap). I consider myself fairly self reliant and genuinely love solo trips so most of what I do is solo. I'm always looking for ways to push myself on solo trips as safely as possible. My boyfriend is my most reliable adventure pal but is often out of town for work. In winter and spring I like to ski and she'd hunt, I try to hike year round. We have 3 cattle dogs that we probably love a little too much lol. They come on lots of adventures with me when it's safe for them and others. If my dogs are in the picture we normally make solitude and water sources our main priorities. I recently got an inflatable raft for the purpose of being able to putt around various lakes/ flat river sections and camp with the pups. I'm excited to share some trip logs, and I'm always open to recommendations! Nice to meet ya!


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Welcome Erin, I'm looking forward to hearing about your trips. I love that part of the world and am trying to make up for lost time and see as much of it now as I can. I did Nankoweap solo back in November and have Kanab Creek scheduled for October. I'm a novice backpacker, but I'll help answer questions if I can. There are several GC experts here, so you can count on getting valuable advice.

I hope you're up high enough to get out of the heat, it sounds miserable back there this week!
Hi there, Erin.
I, too, came to AZ from CA. In Sedona now.
Lots of fun stuff to do in this part of the country solo. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.