Heil Ranch Hiking and Hammocking

Mar 18, 2014
We decided to get out on a Friday because we knew with snow in the forecast for Easter that EVERYONE who is feeling cooped up (everyone in the Denver metro area) would be hitting the trails on Saturday). It was a good choice. A little after noon and the parking lot was only around 1/2 full, which is rare for a spot so close to Boulder. There is one Hiker-only trail in the area which had a One Way sign directing traffic in a single direction as to limit people crossing paths in the time of social distancing.

We had our backpacks packed with hammocks and extra snacks. We also brought along writing journals, colored pencils, and books to read. I spied a ridge above an open meadow that was begging to be climbed. So I left the family to the hammocks and tranquil spacing and ventured off trail up to this rocky ridge that overlooked the area.

A few dicey climbing moves allowed me to make my way up through the rocks. Had I gone all the way to the lowest point in the ridge I could have found something easier, I am sure.

What I found up top was a beautiful space all to my self. After wandering around and taking some photos the wind and clouds really came in. I was thinking that maybe my off trail travel had angered the gods on this near perfect day, or maybe it was a sacred ridge of some sort. As I descended the easy way down from the near the top of the ridge I walked through areas that had been cut, with many trees still marked. The weather improved with each step back towards the meadow until the sun eventually came back out for good.

I got to thinking - How does one build a new trail or get the idea going to get one built? This area could use another hiker trail to relieve pressure from the crowds that circle the same spot. I'm the right people need to be contacted and then there's budgets and yeah, all that stuff. Or we could just keep these hidden spots.....hidden.

Anyone else think this looks like a Ram's Head??

I have wandered around those cliffs a ton of times. Always fun to wander around and have never seen another soul up there.
Oh! That does look like a ram’s head!!
Thanks for sharing!