Headed to Zion-Need waterproof options


Mar 14, 2012
Got our passes several months ago and I should have been planning ahead more as to how to pack my camera. We are headed down Subway and Orderville, a trip we did 3 years ago. Water conditions could be different, but I remember having no choice but to swim in a couple of places. Has anyone been down there in the last couple of weeks? We head down on Thursday.

For backpacking I normally use my Lowerpro 750AW attached to my backpack, but since we'll only need daypacks, the backpack is way more than I need and a hassle.

I know I could buy a waterproof bag (it would collect dust after this trip), but wanted to see what other options you all use.

If I use a waterproof bag to stuff in my daypack I could use a caribiner to attach my camera to my daypack.

I use TWO dry bags for my DSLR when I take it swimming. I also make absolutely sure not to put it low in my pack where it will get pushed under, and also to not let those bags rub on rocks. Single dry bags are too prone to failure. I just leave my camera in my chest pack and stuff it in there. It's been on lots of swims with no issues.
Go pro isn't the worst way to go

Focus is off in some, also not uploaded in full res.



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Nice pic. I have a gopro also, but glad I took my dslr. One of these days I'll post some sweet pics from my trip. I used two dry bags. One inside and then in orderville I used the other on the outside for the several swims we had.

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