Hate those ghost campers?


Sep 30, 2014
California may try to help...Check this out: ktla.com/news/california/california-campsite-reservation-bill-passes-state-assembly/

Credit if you cancel before seven days. And if you don't show on the first night, the whole reservation is cancelled and the site opened up.
Why do you need a law for that? Should be built into the reservation companies system.
They don't but should be built in...
I know people reserve more than they want to decide where to go and never release the unwanted
From Reservation.gov. Apparently staffed campgrounds take care of this already.


A no-show customer is one who does not arrive at a campground and does not cancel the reservation by check-out time on the day after the scheduled arrival date (or for day-use facilities, by check-in time the day of arrival).
  • No-show customers are only recorded at staffed facilities. At most remote facilities, all customers are noted as automatically checked-in on the date of arrival.
  • It is recommended that staffed facilities hold a campsite until check-out time on the day following the arrival date.
  • It is recommended that staffed facilities hold group day-use facilities until check-in time on the arrival date.
Where recorded, no-show customers are assessed a $20.00 no-show fee and forfeit the first night's recreation fee for a campsite or forfeit the entire day-use recreation fee for a day-use facility. We recommend customers contact the facility if they are en route to their reservation but cannot make it by the check-in date. In these cases, no refund will be issued, but the facility can ensure that a "no-show" fee is not assessed..