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Dec 21, 2015
Hello everyone. I have been backpacking all along the west coast off and on for the last 30 years. I decided a year ago to finally reduce my pack weight below 45-50 pounds and start enjoying it.
I live in Seattle currently and am planning a few longish trips over the next few years possibly a few of them over seas. I have discovered that all work and no play is not all that fun.



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Dec 21, 2015
Welcome! What is your gear list looking like now that you have decided to cut weight :)

Main components: ULA Circuit, Feathered Friends Swallow, Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 (there are 2 of us).
Using a Jetboil flash for all cooking , don't even carry any other cooking gear, no pots or pans. Recently received an MSR Windburner so we might switch to using that as the Jetboil performance in high wind situations isn't so great. Could save weight here but we like the convenience.
Switched to a Sawyer mini from a Katadyn Pocket filter. So on and so forth
And reducing a lot of extra junk that I used to carry, having a smaller pack helped tremendously.

Blake Merrell

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Feb 25, 2013
Nice. I would like to upgrade one day to a lighter weight pack and sleeping bag.

Getting a smaller pack helped me a ton as I tried to go lighter. it forced me to pack less stuff. I still have a lot to learn, but I love hearing what other people are doing. thanks for sharing!
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