Happy Birthday BCP!


Aug 9, 2007
This is actually a few days late, but since we just hit the 1,000 trip report mark, I thought I'd start a thread to say happy birthday BCP! For those that don't know the history, BCP was a plain old blog from 2007 to 2012 before becoming the community it is today. To me, the real birth of the site is when we made that switch on January 17, 2012. In those two short years, this community has posted 1,000 trip reports! That's an average of 1.4 trip reports PER DAY, every single day for two years straight! So awesome! Thanks to everyone for contributing and making BCP such a fun, vibrant place. It wouldn't exist without all of you.
Congratulations Nick, impressive. I worked diligently on my fall trip report yesterday. 7 days completed. I had off yesterday due to lots of snow and super cold temps. 5F out there this morn.