Happy Birthday BCP!


Aug 9, 2007
Backcountrypost has been around since 2007, but it was just one year ago today that we launched the community section of the site. Since then, the BCP community has grown like I never could have imagined. I remember thinking it would be great to get a hundred+ members in the first year, a number we shot past within a couple of months.

Today there are 546 Backcountrypost Members and 625 trip reports online!

An online community is nothing but a reflection of its members. Huge thanks to every one of you for making Backcountrypost a success!

To mark the occasion, today we are releasing a big new feature to the Backcountrypost Community...

The BCP Trail Guides have been in the works for some time, and I'm stoked to be able to release it. It would have been awesome to take an extra month to work on a few more features, but I can't think of a better day than today to roll it out.

The Trail Guides are a collection of member-written, guidebook-style trail guides for hiking and backpacking routes all over the world. We are only limited by what we can create together. Guides are contributed by members and further refined by the community.

Some of the key features include:
  • Star Ratings - Rate the trails you have done
  • Integrated Google Maps with High Res Topos
  • Detailed trail stats - mileage, elevation, etc.
  • Tabbed content to make finding information consistent and easy
  • Trailhead directions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Integrated Discussion Threads for each Guide
  • Many more features to come!
We're starting it off with 16 published Trail Guides and many more in the works. Big thanks to our early contributors and beta testers: Aldaron, ashergrey, Dan, lostlandscapes and Udink.

Head over to the Trail Guides Home page to get started, or jump right into the Priord Lake Trail Guide to get a feel for it.

A typical Backcountrypost Trail Guide:
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.19.53 AM.png

If you are interested in becoming a Trail Guides Contributor, send me a private message. It is open to all Backcountrypost Members, but since the content is curated and refined, there are some things to discuss before you can start posting your own.

In addition to the Trail Guides, we are also launching Backcountrypost Maps. This is in it's very early stages, but it's an awesome way to explore high-quality topo maps from all over the United States. We'll be adding a lot of features to this in the months to come. The map can be accessed from the Trail Guides home or from the navigation bar anywhere on Backcountrypost.com or directly at backcountrypost.com/map.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 6.36.21 PM.png

Happy Birthday BCP!!

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Featured image for home page:
Happy Birthday BCP:twothumbs:

It's no wonder you have grown so quickly. Extremely friendly people offering excellent advice to newbies and experts alike. AND so many kick-a$$ pictures and trip reports that make you drool .
edit: and now a trail guide, better get a bigger server.
Awesome stuff, Nick. I really need to get my butt off of Flickr and get over here more often.
Happy Birthday BCP!
Very cool. Happy B-day BCP!
Happy Birthday! I love the Trail Guide tab
Happy B-Day BCP!!!! This is an awesome site and I can't wait to look at the Trail Guides!
I know you posted the amount of members the site has attracted over the last year, but I really think that what makes BCP better than many other sites out there is the quality of the members, as opposed to the quantity! We have a great group of people here.
I know you posted the amount of members the site has attracted over the last year, but I really think that what makes BCP better than many other sites out there is the quality of the members, as opposed to the quantity! We have a great group of people here.

I agree, totally. I hope that never changes!
Nick, excellent job with the Trail Guides, well done. I can see getting a lot of good info out of that - especially can't wait for more Uinta and Winds entries.
...superb, Nick!
and congrats too. :)

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Nice job Nick.
Good idea with the Trail Guides.
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