Hamburger Rocks via The Post -Capitol Reef-


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
First Trip Report!

I've been featured in TR's of NateGeesaman, but this is the first that I've created.

Capitol Reef and I have a good relationship. I appreciate what she has to offer, and she gives me amazing weather, and an incredible time whenever I'm there. I really fell in love about 4 years ago, and I've never let been let down since.

We left from our work places in the Riverton/Draper area on friday about 4:30.

First up, Camping on BLM land outside the park. Thanks to Nate for showing my the spot so long ago, and to my friend Nick for going with me this time. The moon was 1 day from full, and very bright :wavespin: Nick kept a great pace, and supplied a good overall attitude for hiking in this way.


view towards the east


The next day we drove back into the park to get a permit for the night. No entrance fee, nor permit cost for any backpacking trip in the park. :twothumbs: We went down to hike Lower Muley Twist. I saw the pictures of the Hamburger Rocks, and decided I had to see those as well. The volunteer ranger highly recommended that we add that portion to the hike. He recommended starting at the post, and beginning the loop by walking down the strike valley, down past both turn-offs toward Lower Muley. You then see the Hamburger Rocks, and the Muley Tanks, before going back North and into the Twist. We did as he recommended due to our short time limit (1 night).

I've since read that finding the turn-off is very difficult. Go straight into Lower Muley, it just makes more sense for finding your way.

We set out going south down the Valley, beautiful day high of 79, low of 49 that night.

We stumbled onto a few old cowboy ruins.

The Rangers told us that only about 50 people make it to these Hamburger Rocks each year. :giggle: We didn't see any tracks, or other people the entire time we were out there. First up Hamburger Rocks.

Capitol Reef always has interesting clouds

Close Up Burgers by slc_dan, on Flickr

Hamburgers facing West by slc_dan, on Flickr

I've often heard that this valley, before you actually walk into the fold is not very scenic. I read that before heading into Hall's Creek Narrow's as well. I want to officially say that's bullshit.

Hamburger Rocks N.E. by slc_dan, on Flickr

Hamburger Rocks top by slc_dan, on Flickr

I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked up on the rocks with my camera, I left my extra batteries with my pack on the trail. :thumbsdown:

We went back north and filled up our water at the Muley Tanks. The filtered water from the tank tasted great!

Muley Tank by slc_dan, on Flickr

We then set off to find the turn off into Lower Muley from the south entrance. The volunteer at the station explained what it would look like, but we had a hell of a time locating it. We ended up missing it, back tracking, not going back quite enough, then heading way too far north, and going up a creek that we ultimately back-tracked out of. We hiked till an hour after dark, but the beautiful area combined with the solitude made us not care too much.

IMG_0320 by slc_dan, on Flickr

Side Canyon by Lower Muley Twist by slc_dan, on Flickr

No, that's not the way

IMG_0317 by slc_dan, on Flickr

We settled down after dark, the moon was SO BRIGHT. Didn't bother with the fly, perfect chill sleeping temperature.

Ghost of the Present. by slc_dan, on Flickr

Got up in the morning, and hiked out

Campsite for the night by slc_dan, on Flickr

Yellow Red Stripes by slc_dan, on Flickr

So I basically took an extra long route to Hamburger Rocks, and it was awesome. I'll make it into Lower Muley another time....

Featured image for home page:


Oct 1, 2012
Thanks for sharing, awesome trip! This is the first year I haven't made it to Capitol Reef and I'm missing it bad........ Especially love the reflection shot from Muley Tank
Jan 23, 2012
Great 1st report! This is a place I have yet to explore in the Reef. I always think its cool to stumble upon old relics.


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
Man... the more I see that pic of you(?) up on the rock above the fire on the home page, the more I love it. Great shot.

Thanks for the complements, visit my flickr page for more. I set up the tripod there and took a bunch of shots. There are a few with us both up there.

Edit: That's Nick, not me, but there are some of us both up there.


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
I couldn't take it anymore-after reading this I cancelled my Bryce Canyon reservation in November and am going to Capitol Reef instead!

You won't regret it! Although, I need to spend some more time in Bryce. I've really only driven through and snapped a few shots that way.


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
Great 1st report! This is a place I have yet to explore in the Reef. I always think its cool to stumble upon old relics.

I didn't grab a pic of it, but there was a random sign out there, with nothing on it. We were looking for the trail when we saw it... with nothing on it.


In search of Fresh
Oct 17, 2012
Way cool!! I love this end of the park! Saw the Burgers from Halls overlook. Gotta get there sometime.


Jul 5, 2014
This makes me want to plan a desert trip asap. So Dan, how do we convince you to start writing more trip reports?
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