Group Site near Zion or St George? (Veterans Day)


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Feb 8, 2012
For a couple years now I've been getting together on Veterans Day weekend (Veterans Day is November 11th) with the guys I served with in Iraq. We camp together and there's some hiking and biking but mainly it's about the campfire and the food and the beer and the stories from the old days. We've been doing this in Moab, but it seems like this year we're moving to the Zion/St George area.
So now I'm looking for a group size campsite; probably something like 20 to 30 people. That will accommodate a mix of RVs, trailers, and tents. Doesn't need hook-ups, must have a campfire. Somewhere between St George and Zion canyon. Even better if it's got some space between neighboring campsites 'cause we can get a little loud, not rude, but boisterous. Any Suggestions?
There's gotta be something off of the Smithsonian Butte backway.

There's a fairly big spot at the intersection where Grafton splits off, but someone has always been camping there every time I've been through there. I wouldn't count on it.

Maybe someone else has a suggestion, but that's the best guess I've got.
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So are you looking for a site in a designated camp ground or...
Designated Campground
Oak Grove (they have a large group site)
Watchman Group ZNP
Just off Kolob Terrace Road (ask for donations but there is a toilet there)

Yant Flat (near Yankee Doodle)
As mentioned the turn off to Grafton
Near the trailhead for Guacamole MTN Bike Trail or just off the road prior to trailhead (Dalton Wash Road)
um..Nick has a spot up near Cave Valley
Red Butte Wilderness
Yeah, my spot up on the terrace might be good depending on what kind of amenities you want (it has none :)). The main site isn't that big but it opens out into a big field and the last time I tried to use it it had been hijacked by a big father/son campout so it can definitely accommodate quite a few people.
PM a google map link of your spot Nick?
Promise to keep it on the DL. ;-)