greetings from southwest Utah


Dec 30, 2021
Greetings from southwest Utah! I'm an astronomer originally from the northeast US, but it's in southern Utah that I discovered my love of the outdoors. I never tire of the otherworldly hiking in this part of the country or of the camaraderie of others who treasure the outdoors as much as I do.


Colorado Plateau is calling...
Feb 3, 2017
Welcome! What kind of astronomy do you do? You are certainly in the right place for dark skies! I have quite a few telescopes, some of which I've made myself, but I wish I lived in a place with skies that dark!
Yeah I would also love to know as well!


Dec 30, 2021
Welcome! What kind of astronomy do you do? You are certainly in the right place for dark skies! I have quite a few telescopes, some of which I've made myself, but I wish I lived in a place with skies that dark!
Thanks! The dark skies in southern Utah are a real treat and some of the best that I've experienced in the continental US. I just hope they can be protected from the light pollution from all of the ongoing development.

I'm an observational astronomer, specializing in binary star systems, though it was my experience as an amateur astronomer in high school that originally interested me in this career path.
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