Greetings from Southern Utah


Sep 7, 2014
I've checked out posts on here for years and finally decided to make a profile. Grew up in SoCal but moved to southern Utah in 1999 and mostly have been here ever since. First went to a national park (Yosemite) when I was 5, first backpacking trip at age 9, first outdoor job at 20 (camp horse counselor in SoCal, we rode all over the dusty San Jacinto Mountains for 5 summers), professional wilderness therapy backpacker in so. Utah starting 2003, started recreational guiding here in 2002, all sorts of fun outdoor stuff since then. Have not of course explored nearly enough of my adopted state because you could spend every single day outside here your entire life and still not see it all! I love living in one of the most remote areas in the lower 48 and have no plans to leave. Although occasionally heading to cities for some good sushi, great bookstores, and maybe a movie or two is perfectly acceptable as well. :)

So basically I'm a wilderness guide, freelance writer, I like to ride horses, and I'm always interested in the history of the general southern Utah area as well as my home in Wayne County. I live by Capitol Reef. Happy to "meet" you all here, maybe I'll meet up with some of you on the trail someday.


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
Welcome! Enjoyed reading through your website


Oct 1, 2012
Welcome Julie! I live in SoCal and I plan to relocate to the Southwest in the next couple of years, too. Capitol Reef is one of my favorite places in Utah!


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
Already following you on Twitter, but Welcome to BCP Julie! You'll love it here.


Jul 25, 2013
Urgh, your life sounds just about perfect Julie. Hugely jealous. ;) Welcome!


Sep 17, 2014
Hi July: I grew up taking and then leading horse packt rips here in Teton and Fremont Counties, WY. I love horses but hardly ever ride anymore. I'm a VERY part time day hiking guide; guided the Adirondack Mt. Club in the Absarokas begining of August. I love the Colorado Plateau; Canyonlands, Cedar Mesa, etc. However I am in agreement with those that think Cpiatol Reef is the best NP ion Utah. Gotta love the Muley Twist. Man, Navajo Knobs when its windy can be scary. Hoping to get back down there for first time in 4 years next Spring.

You've got some awesome phjotographers in Torrey. Have an awesome fall and keep the Monkey Wrenching to a minimum, k? Heeh heeh.


Sep 7, 2014
Ha, no monkey wrenching here, @Absarokanaut. At least none that I would ever admit to. ;)

You should ride again! Of course I think almost everyone should ride horses, but I'm a little biased, ha. I just came off a few days guiding horseback rides in Grand Staircase-Escalante and on Boulder Mountain. It's a sweet life.

And yes, we have some excellent photographers based here. And endlessly fascinating landscape for taking photos. Hope you make it down here next spring. Which, btw, is the windiest season here.


Dec 29, 2014
Just came back from Capital Reef. Hoping to go back in the spring time to finish up the hike trails like Sulphur Creek and Navajo.
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