Green River <> Big Sandy WIND RIVER RANGE


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Jul 23, 2017
Anyone interested in a car shuttle/swap for Green River to Big Sandy, or Big Sandy to Green River? I should be there the week of 24 AUG so I could pick up your car at your entry trailhead (and leave mine) then deliver your car to your exit trailhead. I should be able to pick up your car on 24AUG or 25AUG and have it to your exit trailhead that day waiting for you. There will be two of us, so we could even shuttle two cars if that's helpful (I did that back in 2017 [Green River to Elkhart] and it was a win-win-win).
Chiming in to vouch for [mention]Gunnahafta [/mention] who shuttled my car in 2017. Mailed him my keys in advance because our trip leave dates weren’t on the same date. 10/10 would do it again.

Looks like I’m too late to help, but perhaps it will be helpful in the future.

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