Graphic Images: Dead Cows in Little Death Hollow


Aug 9, 2007
Mod note: I moved the dead cow discussion out of the Slot Canyons album as to not muddy up the pretty pictures with the nasty dead cow pics below.

I did my first night doing the 'area orientation' at Boulder Mountain Lodge tonite & had a couple ask about this loop.
It was nice to be able to warn them about the cows.
I also started asking around to find out who's cows they are and it seems that they belong to a rancher from Richfield, not a local Boulder rancher. so, I doubt that they will be taken out anytime soon.

We met a BLM law enforcement ranger in the canyon on Saturday. Turned out he was a really cool guy named Jeff that I had met last year. We hiked with him for a while to where the first two cows were. He was there to take photos and see the state of the cows so they could work with the rancher to get them removed. The third one is in a rather precarious spot so I sure hope they can do something.

This one was much more avoidable. There was a calf just up canyon from it tucked behind a boulder. They were all quite fresh but it's gonna get ugly in there as it warms up. :eek:

IMG_6001 (1).jpg

oh that's nasty. I hope they can be removed quickly before they start rotting..I once ran into a rotting dear in a slot. We smelled it hours before we saw of the worst smells ever. I can only imagine how bad these could be haha.
Any update on the dead cow situation in Little Death Hollow?
Sad! Seeing dead animals always bums me out. I know it's part of life, but I hate that part.:(
It's part of life but it's also valid to ask why these mostly barren lands are used for livestock range. Deaths like that come at great cost to the livestock owner.

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