Grand Canyon and southern Utah in late November


Nov 4, 2013
Got some time before Thanksgiving to take a little trip. I’ve always wanted to do R2R. This time of year it would likely be r2r2r which would be fine with me. After would like to drive and day hike camp in some of the Utah parks.

How cold would I be looking at. Low 20’s at night and maybe colder?

How much snow would I run into then? A little would be fine.

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Apr 22, 2013
Just so you know the North Rim of the Grand Canyon closes all services after October 15. If you're backpacking that's obviously not a deal breaker, just bring what you need


Nov 4, 2013
Just so you know the North Rim of the Grand Canyon closes all services after October 15. If you're backpacking that's obviously not a deal breaker, just bring what you need

I did see that.

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Sep 12, 2014
when my brother and i did it in mid october, our night on the North Rim got down to 18 degrees i think. another october, down at the river it was so hot i was dipping my shirt in the river and putting it back on soaking wet just to keep 'cool'. be prepared for both extremes.
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