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Jul 5, 2014
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I'd like to get the thoughts of the others on here that hike with their dogs. I know that every dog is unique. My dog Joey could never be trusted to hike off-leash but my dog Lucy is great off-leash. The one thing that I'm still working on with her though, is that her prey drive occasionally kicks in and she'll bolt off trail after a squirrel or chipmunk. After about 20 seconds of chase, when she sees that I kept walking and hears me calling her, she bolts up the trail full speed to catch up to me. This never really concerned me much, but then I had a scary thought on my last trip... what if she accidentally bolted up the trail in the wrong direction. She'd probably get nervous and keep running in search of me, getting further separated. I think there's only a remote chance of this happening, but it's a possibility that I'd like to eliminate.

So I started training her last week to develop her recall to a gun dog whistle. I picked up a Fox 40 whistle that supposedly can carry up to a mile (although I'm sure the range is much less in dense woods). I think with a few weeks of solid training I won't have to worry about the possibility of us getting separated in the woods.

But last night, I started looking into dog tracking devices. The two most popular models seem to be the AKC Link and the Whistle 3. However, both of these require cell service to work, so are unusable in the backcountry imo, since I rarely get reliable service while backpacking. They also both require monthly subscriptions. I started searching for one that wasn't reliant on cell service, similar to how Gaia works in airplane mode. I was only able to find one. It also doesn't require a monthly subscription which is nice as well. It's called Findster Duo+. I really think that the gun dog whistle training is going to be the best solution for me since I like the simplicity and don't want to worry about another device and app to deal with on the trail, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with any of these devices or with gun dog whistle training.

Here's a video about Findster...
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