Goshute Cave


Aug 29, 2019
Far out in eastern Nevada, not far from the Utah border is a 50 mile long range of mountains with several peaks over 9,000 feet. This is the Cherry Creek Range.

One can head north from Ely, Nevada on highway 93 or you can travel south on highway 93 from Wells, Nevada or you can drive south on highway 93 ALT from West Wendover, Nevada until you reach a signed turnoff heading NE/SW on State road 489. After another turn or two and you will soon arrive at a picnic/camping area at the foot of the Cherry Creek Range.

High on the eastern face of the Cherry Creek range is a dark hole. From the parking lot at the trail head one must crane their neck to look up at it. It is what it seems, but it is not what you believe it to be.

Following the trail up the steep hillside will bring you close to the dark hole you spotted below and not far from that hole is the true entrance to Goshute Cave.

A rope helps with the last 30 feet or so to the entrance and be sure to marvel at view to the west before crawling into the entrance.




Kneepads are helpful, a dust mask may be wise, drinks and snacks are appreciated and multiple lights sources are a must.


To the right are things such as the Bridal Chamber, Devils Slide and The Fountain.



To the left is a large chamber where a person with camera skills can have some fun.



Here are some random shots.









If you go, plan enough time explore the area.


As John Mcphee's aptly named book (Basin and Range) points out, the ranges here are bracketed by basins, and the Cherry Creek Range is no different. Steptoe basin is the valley that 93 follows in the east and Butte basin is in the west, traversed by well maintained gravel roads. A long, yet amazingly narrow range, the Cherry Creek Range is a perfect one to drive around.


The southern pass will take you through the almost ghost town of Cherry Creek – where one would be remiss to not stop at the graveyard to pay their respects - while the northern terminus is not far from Spruce Mountain where one can drive to the summit of and see the remains of silver mining from days gone by with views of the Ruby mountains for off in the west.


A few words of warning though, gas is nowhere to be found in the area so have plenty and fill up at every chance and have lots of memory in your camera for the many photos you are bound to take.


By now it should be time to turn yourself towards home and enjoy the sunset.


(Again, I must apologize for the photo quality. I had a laptop stolen a while back with all my pictures to date on it and then shortly after that my backup computer that had copies of most of my pictures had a hard drive failure. These pictures I pulled from my FB page.)

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Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
Neat share! Love the photo of the car.

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