Google Maps vs KML file embed


Adventure Guru
Jan 20, 2012
I'm working on upgrading my blog and one of the things I'm struggling with is the Google Maps pins. I have a map that I'm dropping a pin with a link to each specific post on. The problem is that since I've got so many pins, it's kindof deleting them, or not showing all of them up. A workaround I've resorted to is having a master map, with other maps linked to it which have lots of pins- think individual maps for different states. It's letting everything show up on the smaller maps, the downside being is they don't show up on the big map.

I'm wondering if this is the best way to do this in Google Maps, or if making a separate KML file with the pins and links, then putting it on a google basemap is the best way to go.

Thoughts and input?


Feb 23, 2012
Strange timing... I'm working on a similar thing right now!

I've been struggling with a similar problem (reference my earlier rant on the Google Maps thread). I put it on the back-burner for a while, but I came back to it recently and have been semi-happy with my progress of using embedded KML layers. My sample is still rough, but I was going to post it for reference/feedback this weekend.

- Jamal
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