Glacier National Park: Wintersun on Mount Brown March. 2016

Bryan Harwood

Mar 24, 2016

Last month Erin and I went on a nice vacation to Glacier because, 1. I got laid off from my temp winter job, and 2. Its only a 2 1/2 hour drive from home. We decided to make a day out of snow shoeing to the top of the Mount Brown Lookout. Well the day we did it, we lucked out and had a window of very sunny and gorgeous weather. We camped out at Lake Mcdonald for 2 nights and we had a lovely time enjoying each others compny and great views. The hike was quite difficult due to it being very snowy and snow shoes on powder is not easy, i dont care who you are!
Enjoy the fun Pictures :)


Enjoyin a moose drool at camp yum


This campsite aint bad, would you not say?


sunset on Lake Mcdonald


THis after about 2 hours of hiking out of treeline! Amazing wintry views


Great bear wilderness to the south and Lake mcdonald
still climbing


Ice capsuled Trees!!


The Great Bear Wilderness canyons to the south, Ousel peak is right there


really white. almost there!


on top of the ridge headin to the lookout!


View east from lookout


View West lookin down at mcdonald


North View into heart of the Park


the main summit of Mount Brown... Not today thank you


Stanton Mountain, Mount Vaught, Mcpartland Mountain, and Heaven's Peak! Sweet Skyline.


Erin gazing into the world of mountains and Ice



looking down at Snyder Creek and edwards mountain.

This was a Great little excursion! Glacier NP is limited in the winter unless you have intentions of snow play :)

Crap! Sitting at my desk I can "feel the burn" of that trek. Ouch! I have been working up the nerve for over 30 years to get back up to that lookout. Maybe in June I'll get @Jeffrey Chandler up there. BEAUTIFUL
What a great trip! I didn't realize you can get into Glacier NP in the winter. (I know the road over the top is clear a very limited time.) And....I'm really amazed Lake McDonald wasn't frozen over. This is definitely one of the most picturesque parks in the states. I would have definitely skinned it on skis for the powder ride down. What potential for untracked powder!! Sweet trip and pictures!!
I got to see this park in the fall once a few years ago. My daughter worked a season waiting tables at Lake McDonald Lodge and she got us a deal at the cabins over at Many Glacier. Like the winter perspective you brought.
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