getting photos printed using an online printer

intuitive cat

Jurassic Dust in my Bones
Mar 9, 2012
I am looking to get some of my photos printed up (possibly gallery wrapped canvas) for a little show I am going to have soon at the Boulder Community center and am wondering if anyone can point me to a good online printer.
also, what do you think the largest size is i can go in terms of quality using a 10 or 14 MP jpeg 4224 x 2376 image from a point & shoot? (unfortunately it does not take raw or TIFF)


Aug 9, 2007
I've done a lot of printing through Costco's online ordering system but usually just picked up locally. The quality is great and the price is awesome but I think you have to be a member which I imagine you wouldn't be living in Boulder. As for size, you could probably go at leas 12x18 but also would probably depend on the photo a bit.


Auribus Teneo Lupum
Dec 27, 2012
I've done a lot of printing through Costco's online ordering system but usually just picked up locally. The quality is great and the price is awesome but I think you have to be a member which I imagine you wouldn't be living in Boulder. As for size, you could probably go at leas 12x18 but also would probably depend on the photo a bit.

Costco has worked great for me as well.


ephemeral excursionist
Jan 17, 2012
I haven't done any printing like you are talking about but I did just try some 4x6 and 5x7 through Shutterfly and I was not impressed with the quality. The prints I did through Costco were great! May have to get a membership again just for photos. Anyhoo just my 2 cents.


Jun 14, 2012
For gallery wrapped canvas, I've been doing a few lately (selling a few) and trying different vendors. I've mostly been ordering loose rolled prints and doing the gallery wraps myself, in an effort to save money.

Bottom line, for me, so far, Costco can't be beat for price/value ratio. There are a lot of online outfits that charge as much or more for loose rolled canvas, as Costco does for gallery wrapped ready to go on the wall - and so far, I've seen no better quality from anyone, than from Costco.

For comparing prices, I break it down to cost per square inch. Costco runs about 9 cents for smaller prints, down to about 7 cents for larger ones (adding the bleed, so it's apples to apples w/loose canvas).

The one place I've tried so far that the quality is every bit as good as Costco is But their prices for loose rolled are about 9 cents - the same as Costco for already framed. I'll probably use them again for custom sizes I can't get from Costco though (the one problem I have with Costco - limited sizes to choose from). As the quality is excellent and the turn around time and communication was great too. I had my prints in less than a week.

I just got in a 20x30 today, which I'll frame this weekend. First print trying a new place, The price is great at 5 cents sq/in for the 20x30. The quality looks "pretty good/acceptable". But not as good as Costco or canvasprintfactory. The difference is not so much in the image, as the canvas itself - the other two use obviously very nice cotton stuff, this looks and feels almost like a vinyl product. For the price, I'm pleased, no complaints. But, it took exactly three weeks, with terrible communication on their part (no confirmation email, no shipping updates, nothing). I can see myself using these guys again when price is really important and I have plenty of time though. As the price IS great, and the quality is acceptable.

The place I'm going to try next is The prices look fantastic. Lower than Costco for already framed work. They do require an account, looks like they cater to "pros", but since I am selling most of these, I guess I qualify. My next batch will be ordered from here.

Just my limited experience!

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