Album Fun with Fungus -- aka Mushroom Pictures


Aug 21, 2018
They are not wildflowers. . . or trees. . . or animals. . . there are a few categories shrooms could fit in but thought I'd try giving them a place of their own.

Partial inspiration is one of the biggest stalked mushrooms I've ever seen. I was hauling sticks from a fallen tree and saw this across the pasture.


Plenty of room to get the camera underneath.


I'd like to get pictures with better light during the day but with my luck something will take a bite out of it overnight.

Autumn must be prime fungus weather because last week I noticed the opposite end of the spectrum -- some of the smallest mushrooms ever. Probably less than a half inch tall, I was expecting tiny gnomes to yell "get off my lawn" at any moment.

Alien blood sucker or rock drill bit... Not sure what this creepy mushroom is. Almost looks like a chanterelle underneath, but really weird on top.

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Oyster mushrooms close to home at a local State Park. Quite a few scattered around the park. We McGyver'd up a long stick with a small sickle duct taped to the end, sort of a Grim Reaper in training Scythe, to reach the higher ones.

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Before leaving for work this morning I walked out to the giant mushroom to find it laying on its side with a chomp out of the top. Guessing the deer or another critter found it tempting.


I was able to use a smaller nearby mushroom to get the undershot/blue sky background I wanted.


A couple years ago I carved out a walking trail thru the trees/around the pond near my house. On a quick walk thru this afternoon I was surprised to find nearly a dozen different kinds of mushrooms growing. . . everywhere. Not wanting to be labeled "Mushroom Man" I will not share them all but here are a couple.

White with black speckles -- wish I could get a better angle on this one.


Tennis ball on a stick:


Red Clamshell:


Lastly I noticed this one up in a tree. Swapped lenses (300mm) rather than drag out the ladder. Looks Sea Anemone like to me.

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This weekend I had temporarily lost the trail and was endeavoring to re-acquire when I stumbled onto this monster.


If there is any question of its size well...

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So this weekend I had temporarily lost the trail and was endeavoring to re-acquire when I stumbled onto this monster.

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If there is any question of its size well...

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...and there's a zombie rising up who likes shrooms!

I found this bad boy in Miner's Basin in the La Sals after summiting Mount Waas.

Giant puffball
All my morel spots are well known public land, I'm just willing to get there early and *carefully* pick the ones that come up out of the sand. We could really use some rain to help our season along here though... super dry right now.
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