Fox Canyon Escalante?


Nov 28, 2018
Hi all, I have a question for you Southern Utah experts. I just got from doing a loop from Neon Canyon Trailhead to 25 mile wash. While we were starting up 25 mile wash we ran into a couple heading East out of 25 mile wash and they said they entered the wash through ‘Fox Canyon’. Basically my question is has anyone heard of Fox Canyon? I googled it but couldn’t find anything on it.
Steve Allen describes it in Canyoneering 3. Unnamed on the map, the route descends from Early Weed Bench TH. Pg.165 is a topo of the route entrance into 25 mile (Map Twenty).

Fence, Fox, Fools...I get them mixed up. I've only been down Fence Canyon trail/route that you must have done.
Hiked down Fox Canyon last year. It's a nice hike, although there's a short but steep slickrock part on the entrance to the very bottom of the canyon. The bottom of the side canyon that leads into 25 mile was extremely brushy and appeared to have plenty of poison ivy, so I did not explore down canyon very far. Went up canyon a little bit, but it doesn't go too far that way before cliffing up. I would have explored the area more, but weather was moving in.

Here's about as good a picture as I took of the last descent into the bottom. There's a surprisingly good use trail near the bottom. But as brushy as the canyon bottom is, I'm not sure how good of an option it really is for getting to 25 mile. After scoping it out I was ready to look for alternatives. But maybe it's not as bad as I thought, or I'm just a chicken.
Thank you everyone. I checked out Canyoneering 3 at the library. Looks like it enters 25 mile wash on the south side of the canyon. We parked at Golden cathedral trailhead so we needed to exit north.

The wash was crazy. It was so overgrown. Between the brush, multiple beaver dams, and the literal walls of tumbleweeds we missed the mouth to Egypt 5 to get out of the wash. But just west of where Egypt 5 joins with the wash we found some steps carved into the cliff side and we were able to get out of the wash there.

I love Escalante. There’s so much to explore.
those Allen books are showing their age for sure, a lot of routes have changed character somewhat since he wrote them! I tend to trust Allen's info and have had a few long days because of this :)
Late to the party, but I went down Fox Canyon to access 25 Mile Wash for a point-to-point route in May. It was mildly thrashy by Escalante standards, nothing like the tamarisk stands along the sides of the Escalante River.