four day backpacking trip in southern Utah starting this weekend


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Sep 13, 2022
My brother and I are thinking about a (very) last minute backpacking trip to southern Utah. The tentative plan would be to fly into Las Vegas on this Saturday 10/22 and fly out on Wednesday. We are experienced backpackers, but mostly in mountains and not desert. We did a loop following a stretch of the Escalante River (Coyote Gulch to 25 Mile Wash, starting from Early Weed)) back in 2017 and that is the limit of our desert/Utah experience. We are looking for a good 4-day trip somewhere in southern Utah that it will be possible to get permits for last minute. We don't mind some bushwacking and rock scrambling, but nothing technical. It will be fairly cold, so we hope to avoid too much wading.

The plan is to be on the trail on Saturday afternoon and finish Wednesday morning. We would normally be aiming for something in the 50–60-mile range for that time frame, but of course mileage varies widely according to conditions.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Grand gulch
I'll be interested to hear what you came up with. water can be a challenge this time of year.