Food storage in Southern Utah


Mar 2, 2017
Hello everyone,

Im new here, but was looking for some incite on storing food in canyons. My wife and I plan on backpacking the Dark Canyons in May, but unsure about storing food since there is a lack a trees. What do people generally do to accommodate these type of areas? Thanks


Feb 23, 2017
When backpacking in Needles we used Ursacks. Mostly you just want something that's not going to get chewed through by little critters, larger animals aren't really a danger afaik.

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Mar 28, 2012
I hang food bags from bumps on boulders or cliffs when convenient, but haven't generally worried much about this, and haven't had problems that I can remember. I guess it would be different at heavily-used campsites that have a resident critter population. You do want to keep the food outside your pack at night so if something does go chewing it doesn't chew the pack material.


Aug 9, 2007
I believe there is a decent black bear population in the Dark Canyon area, but I would still probably just sleep with mine. x2 on not leaving it in your pack where the rodents will eat through to it.

Brendan S

Mar 19, 2016
Keep a clean camp, don't camp in places that look like they're used a lot, dont camp next to woodrat nests, food and everything in the pack at night. I rarely use a shelter and other than the occasional annoying mouse I've never had any issue.


Oct 27, 2013
The worst threat to my food I've faced in southern Utah was a mouse. I turned my back on my bag of hot cocoa mix for a few minutes while cleaning up from dinner, and a bold critter chewed a hole in it while I was still just a few feet away.
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