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    I like to keep my camera out while hiking so I don't have to stop and dig in my backpack every time I want to take a photo, but grit tends to get in the exposed camera lens when hiking in sand, and I don't like the style of the camera pack worn on the chest. Solution: the FlexArmor X camera holster.

    Pros: lightweight, inexpensive (~$18), keeps the dirt out of the camera and lens, 6mm neoprene is thick enough to protect my camera when I bang it scrambling up rocks (plus that one time when I tripped and belly-flopped directly on my camera)

    I wear my camera slung across my body, with the carabiner on the holster clipped to my camera strap. I can have my camera out and ready to use in a matter of seconds, while walking. The empty case dangs from the camera strap for hands-free holding, and can be easily tucked under an arm if it swings in the way of the picture. You could also use the clip to attach the holster to a loop on a backpack shoulder strap, if so inclined.



    Cons: The larger size (the "X") is just barely long enough to hold my camera and usual lens (Canon t3i with 24-105mm lens). It can take a little tugging to get the flap Velcro closed, especially while walking. This seems to be the longest lens that will fit, though anything smaller should fit just fine. A bigger camera body wouldn't fit.


    With a little work, I could probably add some extra Velcro to make the holster easier to close.
    Overall rating: 4 stars. It's convenient, easy to use, has held up over several week-long trips with no signs of wear, and is thick enough to protect my camera from most damage. It just needs to be a little bit bigger.
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