FL hiker who travels to Teton Wilderness area frequently.

A belated welcome. That is one area I have very little familiarity with. But I know there are about 3-4 others here who seem to spend significant time in Teton/Washakie wildernesses.
Hi there! Just found this site and registered. I love the area in WY up near Turpin Meadows heading into the Teton Wilderness, anyone else a fan?
Only backpacked there once so far, but it became a favorite after just that one trip. Had another couple trips planned there for last summer, but for various reasons, they ended up not working out. Hoping to get back up there this August though!

Edit: didn't see how long ago this was posted. Whoops!
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Norma, Hi There! Another belated welcome! Now I am also a big fan of this whole Greater Teton and Washakie Wilderness Complex located here in Wyoming's Absaroka Mountains. I have been going back into this area for years and years with first starting back in the year 1982. There is much country back in here where someone could get lost on purpose and live back here in the wilds really enjoying life to the max. Wishing You the Best!