Fisher Towers Section of the Colorado River-Canoe Trip


Dec 29, 2014
We would like to spend a day or two canoeing Fisher Towers Section of the Colorado River, which provides a scenic rafting trip suitable for the entire family. We would like to launch at Fisher Towers -Hittle Bottoms, which is 29 miles northeast of Moab. Does anyone know which company can give us a ride back to Fisher Towers? Where is a good place to stop and camp or rest? This is the first time we will be camping when we canoe.


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Jun 3, 2017
Hi, I'm planning on kayaking the Fisher Towers section of the Colorado in august and was wondering if it is long enough for a two day trip, I have some kayaking experience and am comfortable up to class 2 water. Also, where can I find info about where to put in, where to camp, fees, etc, any help you can give me would be appreciated, thanks
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