First BCP sticker

As a matter of fact, it was...was that you? I was right across from the Carl's jr around 12:30 or so.
That's pretty funny! I first saw the BCP sticker, but I was parking at the time (you know, multi-tasking...), and I noticed the sticker next, and I had a little hiccup in my head as I thought, "Does that guy have two stickers?" Then it registered with me what I was seeing.
Just put my BCP sticker on my 4Runner. Had to find space in between all of my wife's marathon stickers. I will look if I see any others.
Thanks for reminding me. Now that I just got my 4Runner, I need to put a sticker on it. Nick, what stickers do you have in?
Haha, whoops. That's why I hate Tapatalk. Sometimes I see a new post and then forget to respond. I have a some of everything right now. The new ones that are smaller and full color are pretty versatile and I have tons of those. Also have some of the square full-color. On the white vinyl die cuts, I'm about out but I'd happily send ya some of those of you'd like.
Yessir! I'll send you some of those and some of the new ones. Your address still the same from when I shipped a shirt to you?

And while I'm at it, anyone else want some stickers? Shoot me a message with your address if you do. They normally go out within 24 hours nowadays.
The new one on my Taco.

Si, still the same address.

We need to get people together for another dinner or drinks night like we did for the film festival sometime.