Finally here!


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Jul 27, 2015
Great forum you guys have here!! Just stumbled upon it today.... My wife and I are avid hikers and have a cabin in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. We have done day hikes for years all over the area, and my wife recently told me that she would like to try an over-nighter! I was absolutely stoked. Just finished picking up all of the new necessary gear, and we are headed across the highway to the White Clouds in mid August for her maiden voyage!

Mike K

Jul 6, 2012
Awesome. Good luck luck taking your wife out on the over-nighter. Hopefully it's a good one!


Apr 27, 2016
Welcome to BCP!

I just signed up today as well. We used to go camping at Sawtooth Lake every summer when I was a kid. I have since moved to Utah to but my wife and I are trying to get more bag nights in and I think the Sawtooths will be on the list soon.


Apr 27, 2016
I just signed up today as well. We used to go camping at Sawtooth Lake every summer when I was a kid. I have since moved to Utah to but my wife and I are trying to get more bag nights in and I think the Sawtooths will be on the list soon.

I really need to look at the dates on these. I didn't realize that the post was from 2015. I guess it will take a bit of getting used to how the forums are set up.
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