Filling a Void in Utah - Wahweap Hoodoos, incl 360 sphere pictures.


Aug 18, 2018
Sometimes in life you need to fill a void. That happened to us in August 2017 and we decided to hit the road on a 8,000 mile trip to Utah, Arizona and Colorado. By now you might think, that we only hiked in Arizona, but we spent weeks hiking in Utah and it's an exceptional state well capable of filling a void.

We were very limited on dirt roads with only 5-6" clearance under our Subaru WXR. Snow tires and all wheel drive.... it's a lot of fun, but the lack of clearance limits us out West. But on December 3, 2017 we went on a dirt/sandy access road in Big Water, Utah and hiked 10-12 miles into Wahweap Hoodoos. It only takes 1 time off the paved road between Kanab and Page to realize, that there are endless options in that area and awesome BCP trip reports reflect that well, thank you! This report has many panoramas, vertoramas, fish eye lens views and a few links to 360 SPHERE PICTURES.

iPhone Vertorama of Rick at the second area of Wahweap Hoodoos. The language might go downhill fast now on BCP- but keep it clean;)

W47 second area w Rick IMG_5795.jpg

Fish eye lens view of the third area at Wahweap Hoodoos:
W31 thirs area PC030585.jpg

The access road to Wahweap trailhead had a couple of sandy areas and a wide river to cross. We could have made it across the river probably, but the area in general is known for high towing cost in remote areas, so we played it safe and parked before the river, about 1 mile from the TH. Since we parked way before the trailhead we had to walk across the river first. There wasn't much water in it.
W1 River to cross-PC030005.jpg

IT'S NOT A MARKED TRAIL from the trailhead parking to Wahweap Hoodoos. We walked in a very wide river bed with several side spurs for about 5 miles from the trailhead to reach the Hoodoos. Some might consider this a long slog in a dry river bed and there is fair amount of "are we there yet?". But it's worth it for sure. It's NOT an area to approach after rain, it might be impossible and very slippery to walk in the river bed.

This is about the only trail sign we saw and it marked the initial and approximate direction, after that you are on your own.
W2-first and last signs-PC030012.jpg

A very photogenic fence with a gate to close:
W3-close the gate-PC030015.jpg

Rick took a picture back towards the parking area, the river bed was mostly dry. Somehow I was already behind.....

Here is the photographer Rick, but you get the idea, it looks like this for another 5 miles....;)
W41- Rick on dry creek IMG_5675.jpg

But there is always some cool stuff along the way:
W5-erosion PC030041.jpg

River erosion along the bottom left. iPhone panorama of Rick and the shadow of my hat.
W 42 erosion Rick IMG_5682.jpg

Are we there yet? Nope.
W7-here we there yet-PC030058.jpg

But there was more cool stuff to take pictures of....
W9 something cool PC030066.jpg

Finally we saw some hoodoos hugging the wall and we climbed up closer to have a look.
iPhone panorama of the first (but least impressive) area of Wahweap Hoodoos:

W44 view of first area from a distance IMG_5695.jpg

W10-first area PC030084.jpg

W45 view over creek from first area w Rick  IMG_5713.jpg

Rick taking a picture back out towards the rived bed below us.
W11- looking out of river PC030088.jpg

Another picture looking back at the area we came from- and I'm hiding pretty well in this picture.
W12- looking way back- camouflage-PC030094.jpg

W14- first area close up PC030110.jpg

At this location I was spooked by the sudden appearance of a guy walking back and forth in the river bed (behind me to the right), but he was just camping.
I just didn't expect to see anyone out here.
W15- looking out wall behind PC030126.jpg

W16- anotehr close up PC030142.jpg

I'm looking at the Hoodoo, you get the sense of it's scale now.
W17- saguaro instructions PC030154.jpg

We climbed down to the river bed and continued further to explore more hoodoos. Here I'm walking back in through sage brush towards the second area.
W18 headed to second area PC030168.jpg

Here is a link to a high definition 360 SPHERE PICTURE of the second area of Wahweap hoodoos (Zoom out & spin it around) :

Here is a "360 panorama" of the second area. Imagine taking the hoodoo on the far left, wrapping it around you till it hooks on the same hoodoo on the far right side.
W21- flattedned 360 of secodn area PC030277 Wahweap hoodoos 2.jpg

Another 360 panorama, closer to the wall (I'm camouflaged in the picture towards the left)
W27 flattened 360 second area PC030391 Wahweep Hoodoos 5.jpg

W24-flattened 360-PC030313 Wahweep hoodoos 3.jpg

Ok- here are some normal pictures. Looking back out toward the river (we came from the right) . Impressive hoodoos.
w19 looking back out PC030212.jpg

W20- zoom in PC030228.jpg

W22 zoom in second area PC030280.jpg

I'm standing next to the - (let's say) - mushroom looking hoodoo.
W23 with Aase PC030286.jpg

iPhone Vertorama
W47 second area w Rick IMG_5795.jpg

iPhone simple Panorama.
W46 panorama iPhone IMG_5774.jpg

W25 zoom in second area PC030337.jpg

W26 tower second area PC030364.jpg

We spent a lot of time in the second area tugged away in a corner up against the wall. We didn't notice 2 girls passed the area, but we found them watching the third impressive area of Wahweap hoodoos. Fish eye lens view of the third area at Wahweap hoodoos a bit further up along the river.
w29 tower third area PC030568.jpg

W30 third area PC030580.jpg

W33 fall PC030595.jpg

I'm in the picture, fairly well camouflaged.....
W34 further away third area PC030600.jpg

Whoa......!!! White Ghost ?
W29 ghost? PC030487.jpg

Here is a link in to a 360 SPHERE PICTURE of THE WHITE GHOST : (zoom out and spin it around).
Notice the third and main Wahweap hoodoo area is tugged far away in the very corner up against the wall. You can see it, if you zoom in and face that corner:

Here is my simple iPhone Vertorama.
W49 Vertorama tower IMG_5861.jpg

All done with Hoodoos.... but now we had to complete:
the slog back to the car and here is Rick's fisheye lens view of what that looked like for 6 miles :rolleyes:
W38 leaving Hoodoos PC030619.jpg

Rick is a runner, so he was fine....
W50 are we there yet? Rick IMG_5904.jpg

On December 3, 2017 this was the sign @IntrepidXJ we saw shortly before returning to the car.

The day after (on December 4, 2017) Wahweap Hoodoos was removed from the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

W39 Grand Staircase Escalante PC030638.jpg


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    W8 looking back-PC030064.jpg
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  • W32 panorama PC030586.jpg
    W32 panorama PC030586.jpg
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  • W35 fisheye? third area PC030602.jpg
    W35 fisheye? third area PC030602.jpg
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  • W37- looking back to third area PC030615.jpg
    W37- looking back to third area PC030615.jpg
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  • W48 Vertorama Rick IMG_5798.jpg
    W48 Vertorama Rick IMG_5798.jpg
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  • W-fisheye view third area PC030586.jpg
    W-fisheye view third area PC030586.jpg
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