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    This thread explains how we choose the featured trip reports that show up on the home page of Backcountry Post.

    Photo Trip Reports
    The most important factor to make sure we can feature your report is to provide at least one photo that will fit that space. We need one photo to be at least 730 pixels wide and 430 pixels tall. Typically your photos will be larger than that and in a different aspect ratio. That's totally fine, we will take it and resize and crop it appropriately to fit. In respect to quality, it doesn't matter if your photos were shot with your cell phone or a big DSLR camera. We just need one decent photo that would be appropriate to display on the front page.

    Video Trip Reports
    If your trip report is a video and you would like it featured, please send us a photo to use, or shoot us a message of a good spot on the video to pull a screenshot. Sometimes we'll be proactive on this and do it, but it is way easier if you could help us out.

    You can email us directly at info@backcountrypost.com, or private message a staff member.

    Possible reasons why your post didn't get featured:

    No suitable images
    If your only photo(s) that fit the dimensions isn't front page appropriate, then we probably won't feature it. That doesn't mean your post isn't awesome, it just means that we can only put things on the home page that are a good fit for the site. For example, if all of your shots are portrait (tall orientation), except that last one of your blistered feet from the long hike, we wouldn't have anything appropriate to post. That's not to say that isn't a good photo for the report, just not for the home page.

    Many posts in a short timeframe
    We love it when people post a lot of trip reports, but if you post a whole bunch all at once, we'll probably just use one or two of them as featured TR's to keep a variety of members in the rotation.

    Excessive watermarking, logos, etc.

    It's cool if you want to watermark your image, but if your name, logo, website, etc. dominates the photo, it probably won't end up on the home page slideshow.

    Promotional Posts
    We're happy to support active BCP members in their personal websites and business endeavors, within reason and relevance to the conversation. Keep in mind there is a fine line between that and coming on BCP largely to promote an external website. If you're new to the site, or don't otherwise participate much, you might want to save the promotional posts for when you're a more active part of the community. If you'd like to purchase advertising, we'd be happy to sell it to you.

    We're out enjoying the outdoors
    If your post hasn't been featured and you don't see BCP staff online, that probably means we're just out having fun. We'll catch up when we return!

    We forgot
    We're only human. Send us a message and remind us.​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How is the order of the featured trips determined?
    A: By the date and time each report was posted.

    Q: Why is there an image that says "featured image for slideshow" at the bottom of my trip report now that it is featured?
    A: In order to include your TR in the slideshow, the Backcountry Post staff needs to attach one of your photos to be used as the slide. This attachment is often resized to fit the slideshow and will often be attached to the trip report like that as to not alter the original content of your TR.

    Q: I would prefer you feature a different image than the one that was chosen.
    A: Send us a message, we'll fix it right up. For frequent posters, we can probably even set it so that you can choose at the time you make your trip report.

    Q: I've posted a ton of good trip reports and you never feature my stuff, what gives!?
    A: It's most likely that there wasn't a photo that fit the criteria. Or maybe we're out playing in the wilderness. And maybe we just forgot! Send us a message and we'll get to the bottom of it.
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    With the increase in excellent video trip reports lately, we thought it appropriate to update this, bump it, and pin it in the support forum for future reference.
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    Is there any place where the older featured pictures are still avaylable?
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    Unfortunately, no.
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    boise, id
    That would be very cool to see.