Favorite sites in Glacier in North Fork, Lake McDonald or Cole/Nyack? Looking at mid july

Just got back from there. I'm not sure how much will be open.

West side was still closed as of July 4. Someone I spoke to thought that it wouldn't open at all this year.

I'd keep an eye on openings.

If you're backpacking, you'll have most of the North/West and probably Logan Pass at that point. I'd naturally try to avoid anything near McDonald just because Iv'e grown to detest humans. ;) It was beautiful up by Bowman Lake though and there are a number of different trails to different lakes and lookouts.
If you’re going to backpack in that area, Hole in the Wall is one of my favorite spots on earth. We spent first night at Bowman, then Hole in the Wall. It’s 15 or 16 miles back from HOL, but we did it and it wasn’t too bad.