Family trip to Grand Teton Memorial Day weekend?


Dec 5, 2017
My neighbor has a work meeting in Teton Village over Memorial Day weekend, and she's trying to decide if it's worth taking her kids out of school for a few days to explore the park. Their 3 kids (elementary and middle school) are athletic and would hike a little bit. They've never been to the Tetons and are trying to figure out if any of the popular hikes (Hidden Falls etc) or other activities would be fun at that point in the year. I'm trying to help but have only been there mid-summer and am having trouble finding good info online; my call to the visitor center went unanswered. Any Info and advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
I don't have a ton of experience within the park, but I think you could find enough stuff to do for a few days around Memorial Day. Downside is the higher elevation stuff will still be pretty snowy, but they'll be able to see stuff like Hidden Falls, Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake. Could take a half day trip up to Brooks Lake too. Maybe they'll get lucky and a see a grizzly near Togwotee Pass. Or heck, they could even go up to Yellowstone for a day trip since the south entrance will be open.
when my kids were little we stayed up in Alpine WY a few times in early June, and visited the park some days. I prefer this time of year to full summer, it's often nice and cool and rainy. the snow in the ground in the park was always patchy and never stopped us from doing anything, but with small kids we never aimed for high elevation.
Chances are this year.... Less snow. 50 degrees in island park today.... Alot melted... Shouldn't get much major snowfall now. I'd guess places will be open early this year ..
Thank you so much, @Bob @regehr and @Jackson. All of your comments are very helpful, and I'll be sure to pass them along. I know my neighbor will really appreciate the info!
Yeah right now we are about 2 ft below normal snowfall. Just below 3 ft... Usually around 5 ft this time of year
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