Exploring/Calf Creek


Dec 14, 2015
re: I assume you did this as an out and back day hike.

yes - both as day hikes. For the slickrock circum. of McGath, parked about 2 miles down McGath Rd - before the steep sand uphill.


Nov 26, 2015
That's the way I see it as well. Does "Canadug" mean you're from Canada? Southern Utah and the Canadian Rockies are my two favorite places to hike. I have more trips lined up in those two places than I have time left in my useful hiking career.
Canadug = Vancouver, Canada........ I try to make it down to Utah every March provided it is still not Winter-like


Dec 18, 2017
Chicago. Friend of mine is Canadian and bought a place in Canmore a few years ago. So my hiking life now is - Summer hike in the Canadian Rockies, Spring or Fall in Southern Utah. I imagine I'll do that every year as long as the good lord allows. Hike this summer still to be determined (Parks Canada slow in opening up the reservation system this year), but we may well wind up in BC. For anyone who needs a little inspiration to do some hiking up north, below is a picture from last year's hike. This could be done as a very simple over-nighter if you want, and you'll share the place with eight or ten other people tops. As opposed to say, Lake Louise, which is even more overrun with people than Bryce or Zion,



Sep 22, 2016
Baker Lake! Back to the original topic @MikeP - that would be a great route if it goes. We did briefly explore the area west of the upper falls once, and have plans to return and check out Debra Van Winegardens "Peak 6420".
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