Early Season Backpacking Trip into the Uintas


Jul 22, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I am planning a trip next year and want to complete a backpacking trip in the Uintas (all your wonderful trail reports have inspired me and put it squarely on my map). The only problem is that it kinda has to be in the first half of June.... So before I start to dive into planning a trip I wanted to ask the experts: is it even possible to do a 4-5 day backpacking trip that early in the season? If so, are there certain areas I should be looking into and other areas I should be staying away from?
Any information is greatly appreciated. It is always a challenge to pick a place to start with so much information out there.
Too unpredictable to plan for due to it being so dependent on recent weather, but if you want to backpack at high elevations in the Uintas that early, plan on some snow. The east end of the range typically receives less snow and melts out earlier if you're flexible on what part of the range. As for the west end where most people want to go, if it's a dry winter and/or warm spring and it might be great, although probably a little soggy. I've definitely had enjoyable trips in mid-June. But some years the place is snowbound and frozen over well into July. But at least you shouldn't have to deal with any mosquitoes!
Yes the lack of mosquitoes would be a plus! Thanks for the input @Nick, I will probably try to plan a trip and then play it by ear as the weather reports roll in.
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