Eagle Cap Wilderness, September 2014


Dec 30, 2014
I had been wanting to do a trip to Eagle Cap for years, so with the husband laid up with a torn achilles, the mutt and I escaped for a long weekend in September. We started at the Two Pan trailhead and set up camp by Sunshine Lake. It was a nice little spot, had it to ourselves. We spent the second day on a long trail run by a bunch of beautiful lakes. The bummer is I forgot the put the memory card back in my camera, and realized it as I went to take my first photo. So, these are all phone photos. Guess I'll have to go back with a real camera... :)

This was the mutt's first backpacking trip, first time in a tent. She was a champ. I can't wait for our April trip to the desert.

Waterfall along Lostine River
Lostine River waterfall 2.JPG

Upper Lostine River
Upper Lostine River 2.JPG

Upper Lostine Meadows
Lostine Meadow.JPG

Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake west.JPG

Camp at Sunshine Lake
Camp 2.JPG

The Matterhorn

Eagle Cap
Eagle Cap.JPG

Moonrise from camp
Moon over ridge.JPG

Eagle Cap at sunset
Eagle Cap sunset.JPG

The mutt decided it was early bedtime and took over my bag. She was not excited when I kicked her off.
Jade in tent.JPG

Sunrise from camp
Camp sunrise.JPG

Early morning at camp
Camp sunrise 2.JPG

Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake.JPG

Lee Lake
Lee Lake edge.JPG

Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake 2.JPG

Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake 3.JPG

Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake 7.JPG

Moccasin Lake
Moccasin Lake 2.JPG

Trail across Moccasin Lake up to Glacier Pass
Moccasin Lake trail xing.JPG

Mountain Bog Gentian, my favorite wildflower
Mountain bog gentian 2.JPG

View from Glacier Pass, looking north
north from Glacier pass.JPG

Meadows near Glacier Pass
Glacier Pass meadow.JPG

Mirror Lake from Glacier Pass
Mirror from Glacier Pass.JPG

Approaching Glacier Pass
Glacier Pass trail 5.JPG

Glacier Lake
Glacier Lake.JPG

Glacier Lake
Glacier Lake island.JPG

Glacier Lake
Glacier Lake 3.JPG

Lostine River again, headed back down, a little smoky from some new forest fires to the west
Upper Lostine 4.JPG

Bridge across the Lostine, almost back to the trailhead
Lostine River pole bridge.JPG

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Dec 30, 2014
I thought I had the picture attaching figured out...clearly I don't, and now I don't know how to fix it!


Aug 9, 2007
I'm not sure what happened there, Lisa. I've seen it once before but that person just re-uploaded and it was fine. Perhaps just try that and then reinsert them.

Really excited to see them!


Sep 12, 2014
i'll be waiting to see what it looks like when you figure it out : ) i've been wanting to make out there for a while also with out being able to pull it off.


Feb 12, 2014
My first backpacking trip I ever went on when I was 12 was in Eagle Cap.
It was amazing...from what I remember. We didn't take too many photos back in 1988.


Dec 30, 2014
Now with actual pictures!

It was a beautiful place! I'll definitely be going back this September, maybe even with the husband this time and the other pup.


Dec 30, 2014
I'm not sure what happened there, Lisa. I've seen it once before but that person just re-uploaded and it was fine. Perhaps just try that and then reinsert them.

Really excited to see them!

Thanks Nick! That worked :)


Mar 13, 2012
Beautiful area. Looks like you had good weather. Would love to get up there sometime!


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
Haven't heard of this area but it looks like a fantastic place! It would stink to have to carry the weight of the camera around and not be able to use it. Your phone did a fine job though!


Dec 2, 2013
Looks like a nice area. I had never heard of it before and was surprised to see that is is just outside Le Grande Oregon. My mom grew up in Union Oregon that is literally right there at the base of those mountains. All the times we went there growing up I had no idea there was such a nice mountain range right outside of town.

John Goering

Sep 30, 2014
Here are some photos I tracked down from 1988 in Eagle Cap, not sure of the name of the lakes here. But this was my first backpacking trip ever.

My condolences. Terrible introduction to backpacking.:roflmao: And makes one wish they had perhaps scribbled something on the photos. I have a large number of slides that are in that same boat. Google Earth helps, but not on all.


Dec 30, 2014
@Parma Those are great! It looks like a totally different lakes basin, and there are a ton of them there. Maybe I'll figure it out on my next trip! :)

It is a beautiful place! Definitely worth a visit, and September seemed like a great time to go. Not so crowded and still nice weather.
Dec 27, 2015
I just backpacked in Eagle Cap for the first time back in September, right after a week in the Idaho Sawtooths. Eagle Cap wilderness is truly one of the most underrated (and largely unknown) gems in the USA, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Given the layout of trails, there are a bunch of great loop or lollipop routes possible. @Lisa, did you not get up to the summit of Eagle Cap peak itself? I'm not normally one to "peak-bag" and debated whether we wanted to allot a day to go up there, but my buds wanted to, and I'm glad I went along with them.

Ha, I just realized you were there in September too - same as us. In fact, we may have run into you (we were 3 guys in their 50s), your dog kind of looks familiar. :)
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