Doing a shuttle on the Teton Crest Trail


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Aug 16, 2019
Hey fellow hikers,

Quick question — partner & I are hiking the Teton Crest Trail in a couple weeks and the hardest part of planning (from afar) is thinking through how to get a ride from one end to the other. We would ideally like to drop off our car at the String Lake TH & get a ride to Phillips TH. How easy would hitchhiking be in the AM? The taxis all look damn expensive. Other experiences folks have had? Thanks!


Dec 11, 2015
From my experience, hitchhiking in the Jackson area is ridiculously easy. Waiting 20 minutes for a ride is about as long as I've ever waited. Just a few weeks ago, my son and I hitched from Jenny Lake VC to the airport and it took 3 rides. We waited a total of about 12-15 minutes for the 3 rides. A few days before that my son and brother in law hitched from town to Phillips TH in about 20 minutes. We walked from Albertson's to the Spring Gulch Road (<1/2 mile) and hitched from there. I usually hitch from the airport to trailheads in GTNP or into Yellowstone, all with relative ease.


Mar 3, 2013
Check Facebook page. . grand Teton national park hiking and backpacking...may find help there


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Jun 1, 2020
Yes you can hitchhike but if you want to be picked up at 4--7AM to get to either Teton Pass or the tram at Teton Village-there is generally no one to hitch a ride from
You can call Sean at Teton BackCountry Shuttle / Cowboy Cab at (307) 733-1506 or (307)413-1000, He will meet you at the Jenny or Leigh Lake trail head parking lots, and take you and all your backpacks in a Suburban to Granite Canyon, Death Canyon, the Tram at Teton Village or to Teton Pass. Prices vary with the number of passengers and distance traveled.

Chuck the Mauler

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Aug 20, 2014
surfdwg, the tram will not be operating in 2020. Better look for a different TH to start your trek.
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