Dog friendly 1-2 night trip within a couple hours of I70 in Utah or Colorado...


Jul 18, 2016
My dad is traveling across I70 in a couple of weeks, and he has a few days to spare. I'm trying to figure out a decent 1 or 2 night trip that is:

1) Within an hour or so of I70
2) allows dogs (so National Parks are out)
3) not too hot for the last week of June -- looking for slot canyons, water, or high elevation
4) not super strenuous -- 10 miles a day will be plenty for this group.

I'm coming up blank -- most of the routes I've been on in that area are no dog routes, or are likely too hot and sun exposed for late June. So I'm looking for suggestions in the following areas:

San Rafael Swell
Fish Lake area
Brian Head/Cedar Breaks (he will be traveling south on I15)
Western Colorado?
For Colorado, would Vail Pass be too far East? Lots of different high altitude hikes around there. Also hikes around Glenwood Springs. Farther West, you have places like Grand Mesa (East of Grand Junction).
Dominguez Canyon is close to Grand Junction, 20 minutes south of I-70 off of hwy. 50.
I am thinking Death Hollow in Escalante might do the trick. Anyone with experience on this route?
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