Dispersed camping near Zion?


Feb 12, 2021
Any suggested dispersed campsites or areas near Zion, maybe in the Hurricane/LaVerkin areas?

If you're really desperate, the big hill that overlooks Sand Hollow SP has lots of camping places. Last time I was there I had it all to myself. One particularly nice spot overlooks the state park. But if you have dogs, watch out, lots of cholla.
There's a spot on the right side of the road just a little ways up Kolob Terrace Road that has a lot of space, right next to North Creek. That where I camped last time I went. It was also January 2018, so it may be a lot busier this time of year.
We found a great campsite for 2 nights off the Smithsonian Butte road where we had neighbours that we could hear occasionally, but not see. Keep in mind that camping is not allowed within 1/2 mile of the main road, and that ( 6 years ago) the road up from Rockville had a section that was moderately steep and rough. No problem in our Tacoma, however we encountered an abandoned sedan stranded off to the side on that section.