Did someone put another monolith on Mt. Wilbur in Glacier?

You're just stretching the imagery beyond its limitations. Can that sliver be seen when viewing Google without the vertical exaggeration and perhaps rotation?
Yes, I tried everything. I'm now CONVINCED it's REALLY THERE and someone should go remove it. I'll help with gas money. Nice opportunity to go to Glacier.

ETA: A friend with a plane says it's REALLY THERE!!!
it looks to me like bad stitching of multiple images that don't have the resolution to include everything that's caused that.

But I'll take some gas money to go up to Glacier to confirm...;)
You guys are relying on technical postulations to explain something mysterious. I, too, have a scientific background and prefer this approach, but IT'S REALLY THERE.

We need to get an expedition together. Maybe get some expedition sponsors and all that.

ETA: Think about it - a book with Scatman on the cover...
A photogrammetry snafu then, not enough side lap between flights due to improper flying height. Probably didn't compensate for the mountainous terrain for an image or two.

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