Deseret and Nebo conditions


Feb 8, 2012
I will be in Provo this weekend and was wondering if anyone had knowledge of trail conditions for Deseret or Mt Nebo. Is the road up South Willow Canyon still open to the Loop Campground? And the Mt Nebo road is only open on the Southern end to around the Nemo Bench trailhead?

Burned over by Pole can and bald Mt fire.... I'd call the forest...
I called both ranger districts and they said that the South Willow Canyon road is open to the end at Loop Campground. The Southern end of the Nebo Loop Road is open to the Mona Pole road (160).
I called both ranger districts and they said that the South Willow Canyon road is open to the end at Loop Campground. The Southern end of the Nebo Loop Road is open to the Mona Pole road (160).
That's awesome. Would be really cool to get up in the Stansburys this time of year.
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