Death valley


Mar 21, 2018
Help. I usually hike in Idaho and southern Utah. Trying to plan a death valley trip for Spring 2022. Daunting. Can anyone recommend some good places for dispersed (not in a campground) car camping. Normally we would backpack, but that does not seem like the best wsy (as opposed to day hiking and maybe a little canyoneering) to experience this park,. Thanks
DVNP Backcountry Roads and Dispersed Camping Map

This explains camping. Except for some popular gravel roads, basically along any gravel or dirt road one mile from pavement roads. Exceptions are in yellow as is the one mile linear off each side of pavement. I hope .pdfs will attach. If not look for it on the official website.

Fill your tank in Pahrump or Beatty!


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Dispersed camping in DV is about as good as it gets from a National Park perspective. My recommendation would be to plan for the places you want to hike and just plan on dispersed camping near those spots. Bring a high-clearance 4-WD.

When in spring are you planning on going? It starts getting hot pretty early in the year.

Gas is ridiculous inside the park any time. It was a "mere" $5.00 just a bit over a month ago. (which was still VERY expensive for the time) If you must fill up in the park, do so at Stovepipe Wells - it's usually cheaper than Furnace Creek.

The canyons are fantastic.