Death Valley in March


Jan 18, 2013
Recently started lurking on this site. This is my first post. I like the vibe here. Thanks, everyone, for the work you put into this community.

I've been reading Miss Buffalo's thread about her Spring Break plans, and I have similar questions, but I've narrowed my querry....I grew up just outside Joshua Tree, and while I love that place, I have no interest in going there again this year, and we've been to Valley of Fire a few times recently.

My wife and I are interested in taking my kids to Death Valley. I've never been there.

My kids are young 3 through 11, and we have a pop-up trailer.

I have a few questions...
What are crowds like mid-March?
Are we already too late to request a camp site?
What are some day hikes that I should look into? My 3 year old can hike 6(ish) miles, and still have fun. The older kids are happy with about 6 as well, but we've never really pushed them into longer hikes.
Are there any places to eat, worth trying, or should we plan on bringing all of our food in a cooler and grilling?

Thanks in advance.

I've been to Death Valley in March during Spring Break of 2011 and had a blast.
There are a lot of crowds, especially on the popular spots. It still peak season in the park. And many campgrounds fill up early.
I reserved only my first night at Furnace Creek CG, but didn't like it a lot. Too crowded.
I ended up camping one night at Wildrose CG and loved it. Wildrose is more secluded and has limited service.
Because of the higher elevation it can get cold at night, even in March.

The other nights I ended up camping at Homestake Camp near Racetrack Placa, then at Texas Springs and Mesquite Spring.

Avoid Stovepipe Wells!! That campground is horrible. Just a spot on concrete and gravel, nothing you really want.

I did a lot of stuff during my 5 days in Death Valley. Your kids will love the dunes at Stovepipe Wells. And also Marble Canyon is great, a small little slot with a bit section of scrambling.
Don't miss out the 20 Mule Team Drive and Artist's Palette and Drive. Especially during the afternoon hours. Golden Canyon also is a nice little hike.

What kind of car you're driving? There are some nice spots to explore in Emigrant canyon with a few mines and so on. But it can be a bit rough in some spots.
I also love the drive out to Eureka dunes way up north of the park.

Death Valley Must Sees are definitely Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point, Stovepipe Wells Dunes and Dantes View.
I thought I never posted a trip report of my Death Valley trip, I should do it the next few days if there is any interest.
a few teasers:



Zabriskie Point Sunrise:


even at sunrise there are crowds!!


Stovepipe Wells Dunes


Eureka Mine


Marble Canyon


20 Mule Team Canyon


my favorite - Racetrack Playa

This is just too weird! I've actually been working on a Death Valley trip report today from my trip from March 0f 2010! It's not done yet, but I'll try and hurry and get it on here to give you some more eye candy.:)

had a typo in it, I went in March 2011.
Anyway, can't wait to see your shots. I hope to post my complete report this weekend. At least most of the pictures survived, because they were online.
I don't really know anything about Death Valley except that I want to live closer to it, but just wanted to say welcome to backcountrypost mtthwlw. Really glad to have you.
I don't really know anything about Death Valley except that I want to live closer to it, but just wanted to say welcome to backcountrypost mtthwlw. Really glad to have you.
Thanks again, everyone. I planned my trip last night with your help.

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Definitely bring your own food! Everything has to be trucked into Death Valley and they charge an arm and a leg for anything fresh (when I was there 10 years ago a basic green salad was over $10). Burgers and such are cheaper but still not that great. Have the full camping experience do your own grilling-the kids will remember it forever.
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