Day hike in Section 16, Colorado Springs


Dec 30, 2015
There's been a new addition to my life...Duncan. I adopted a heart worm positive rescue dog. He finished his treatment and was released from activity restrictions last week. So we hit the trails today for him to start getting used to it so we can go on many, many more adventures.

Red Rock Open Space is a 653 acres of protected land with miles and miles of heavily used trails open to hiking, mountain bikes, equestrians and dogs. At the far back of the open space one of the trails connects to a very well known trail system called Section 16. Today we hiked through Red Rocks open space to Section 16 picking up the Intenman Trail. It lead to some beautiful overlooks. The weather was perfect, 47f when we hit the trail topping out in the high 60's. My little guy did great. We covered about 5 miles with some decent gain. He got a little tired at the end so moms picked him up and gave him a ride. IMG_4617.JPG

Congrats to you and Duncan! He looks like he'll be a great companion. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a good home! Lots of great years ahead. :)
So awesome! Congrats on giving him the best outcome any dog could ever dream of... an owner who's an avid hiker!
Dunky And Betty.jpg

This was my Duncan, 110 pounds of strength, loyalty, and all around great nature. Dunky and I did Section 16 several times. He loved St. Mary's Falls when it was halfway frozen over. Stumbled on a Lynx in the Sangres and got buried in the snow trying to follow the big footed feline. Great on you for not going to a puppy mill young lady. Your Duncan now wants to get up to Pancake Rocks, McCurdy Mt., and all the great stuff in your backyard. The Sangres are calling too. May that trail rise up to meet you both!
What a beautiful dog, he looks like a gentle giant! sorry for your loss. They are such amazing creatures. I haven't been to pancake rocks yet of St Mary's falls, all on the to do list.