Dark canyon loop water


Mar 21, 2018
Hi. The Woodenshoe, dark canyon, peavine canyon has been on my list for a long time. Thinking about going mid May. Wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect regarding water access this time of year. Working clockwise. I have read that cherry canyon, wates pond an hanging garden spring are sure things. I have also read on the USFS site that water generally flows from Trail Canyon for several miles. The third of the loop beginning with peavine seems a little less certain. USFS says that "water usually flows in peavine canyon. It looks like one could cache at tehh Kigalia peavvine junction or at the peavine TH. Thanks
Hi @tomg ... my 2 experiences hiking Dark Canyon could hardly have been more contrasting: in May 2019 the water was knee-deep for much of the way from Trail Canyon thru Woodenshoe via Dark !; whereas in April 2022, my route from Peavine to Trail Canyon was considerably drier.

In 2022, the spring just east of the Trail/Dark confluence had good water. Whilst here, I met some backpackers who were hiking your intended clockwise route, and had not found any water since the generally reliable spring a mile or so south of the Dark/Woodenshoe confluence.

The USGS Topo map indicates 2 springs in Trail Canyon, but in 2022 the first water I found was another 1/2 mile further upcanyon (approx 2.5 miles from the confluence)

Unfortunately, I can't recall if there was water in Peavine at that time, but other reports seem to indicate that there is usually some water to be found. However, if you can cache some, at least it gives you that extra peace of mind.
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