Dark Canyon - Dry Mesa Area


Mar 3, 2013
Short trip in 2012 looking for some ruins I heard rumor of from a fire crew. Only substantial one we found, supposed to be others hidden along the top in the Junipers. Pretty rough. Borders Rig Canyon.
001 Woodenshoe Cyn.JPG 005 At End of Dry Mesa Rd.JPG 016 Dark Cyn.JPG 018 Dark Cyn.JPG 019 Ruin.JPG 028 Ruin.JPG 030 Turkey Picto.JPG 035 Roof Work.JPG 040 Ruin.JPG
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We did a hike last year in the area of Woodenshoe canyon also in the area of Dark Canyon. We saw one ruin way up near the top of the canyon. Hiked up and around for a couple of hours and never could even get close to the ruin. Kind of amazing how the Anasazi managed to get to some of the dwellings. Of course some ledges may have fallen since then but still amazing.
Hi Bob,
I tried to find that ruin a few yrs ago. Do you have any UTMs? Any help would be appreciated.