Dark Canyon Complex Water Data


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Sep 22, 2020
Hello, new to the site, first post. Does any one have current water data for the Dark Canyon Complex? Like say over the last month? I am planning a "loop" that consists of Sundance, Lean-to, up Bowdie south fork, half-way down Bowdie north fork, maybe a part of Gypsum, Fable Vally, Young's Canyon, Dark Canyon exit. Earlier this year I took Dark, to Youngs, to mid-Fable, counter clockwise around Wild Cow point, back to Fable, etc... There was one long heavy water carry, and once where I probably should've looked for water bet kept walking until my desired endpoint where I knew there was water. But, I'm not looking to chance a half-day without water for these upcoming plans. I have looked over many maps, and the NatGeo set shows spring designations throughout the desired route, but from experience, not all designations are accurate or year-round. I've also spoken with BLM who said they haven't had boots on the ground in that area for a while, and do not have any current available water information, except that the climate has been dry in the area in general. So, I was just trying to find more current water data for the area. Thank You


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Jan 4, 2015
No experience in Bowdie/Gypsum/Fable Valley, but there is reliable water in Dark between the confluence with Youngs and the Colorado.


Mar 3, 2013
Fable valley.... Good spring at junction of gypsum. Potholes down gypsum to falls. Past falls to river..usually some water. Bowdie what I'd call east.. water at big pouroff.... Which you have to climb way up on west side to get around. Water quite often down to junction. Water at high pouroff in main canyon... Also nice ruins above it. What I'd call west for. A small spring about halfway up then dry canyon. I'd have to check my maps for more exact. Never had problem getting regular water thru the entire fable-gypsum-cilorado-bowdievloop or the entire bowdie drainage loop..... But it was quite a few years ago and in early May....


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Sep 22, 2020
Thank You All! This, combined with the info I received from canyoncollective earlier will be of great help and comfort.


Feb 23, 2017
To piggyback on, is there any reason to think Dark itself would be dry in a drought year like this one? Thinking of doing a few nights(but not the Allen traverse) in Dark/Youngs late October.
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