Cuberant Lake, June 16 2012

Per a wiki article, Cuberant Lake #1 is the largest of the lakes in the Cuberant Basin. The other lakes are unnamed, but rather referred to as Cuberant #2, Cuberant #3, ect.,

Garrett's disappearance makes absolutely no sense. I have been puzzled by it since the day it happened.

Garrett's party was camped in the meadow that you encounter when first coming into the Cuberant Basin from the south side. There were roughly 25 other people including half a dozen adults.

Garrett and his dad went fishing around 8am on Friday on the shores of Cuberant #2. The lake was a mere ~150 yards away. Per his dad's account from a Nancy Grace interview, Garrett left because his shoes, and shoes had gotten wet and because he wanted breakfast.

His dad said he initially rounded the Southside of the lake and took the wrong path, but that he had called out to him and pointed the way. Garrett went up into the trees and was never seen again.

His dad left the lake about 15 min later. Heads to camp and thought Garrett was there. As all the boys looked roughly similar in their clothing. He realized quickly that Garrett wasn't there and ran back to the lake calling and screaming his name.

We are only talking 20-30 minutes before people started looking for him. Where could he have gone? Surely had he headed south down the trail he would come to the meadow where they were camped. Had he missed the trail and continued east off trail, he would have had one heck of a climb. Did he instead turn left and head North? I don't know the distance between Cuberant #2 and the main lake, Cuberant #1. But surely if he arrived there he would have known he went too far. There's no way he would have continued up into the boulder field. And there were people camped there. He would have know he didn't come from that area.

From what I've read, they had close to 1500 people looking for him over a ten day period. And they covered 40 sq miles. They used helicopters, planes, horses, dogs. People had megaphones. That basin is small and I don't believe there is a way he couldn't have heard people hollering for him. After all, like I mentioned, a search was already underway within 20-30 min of him leaving the lake. How far could he have gotten, especially if going uphill? If I'm not mistaken SAR arrived just before noon.

Not a trace of him was found. A sock found in a boulder field was never positively identified as belonging to him. Even the black and chrome fishing pole he was carrying has never been located. You would think that scavaging animals would have located and scattered remains. I don't see an abduction as being a possibility either. Who's going to grab a screaming kid and try to carry him down the mountain. Sure, maybe he was victimized after leaving the lake and then hidden somewhere. But how and when? They were looking within minutes for him. Dogs never alluded to the presence of human remains.
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I’d like to get this conversation started again. I’ve felt compelled for years to look for Garrett. Was up at Mirror Lake over the weekend — cant get his story out of my head.