Cross-Country skiing North Fork Trail, Uintas


I lava it!!!
Jan 19, 2012
In mid-December, I stayed a few days in Heber, so I could head out from there to several ski areas to cross-country ski. After a few stormy days with lots of new snow, I decided to cross-country ski in the Uintas. With some help and recommendations I received from this awesome forum, I headed out on a Monday morning. The temperature had dropped to below zero the previous night and was a bit frigid when I started. I decided to ski the North Fork trail because it seemed to have the most interesting change of landscape to me. There were some rolling hills and a few short climbs, but nothing too serious. The trail was already broken but it was still an awesome morning out. I saw no one else and enjoyed a great day in fresh powder.


lots of fresh powder


trail leading between snow-covered trees



Shadow and light




trees before crossing North Fork of Provo River



frost details on the frozen Boulder Creek



passing the Yurt along North Fork trail



It was a fun day out and could definitely do the trail again
That's awesome! Definitely on my list for some 'shoein'
That's awesome! Definitely on my list for some 'shoein'

That looks like a blast. Who is it the manages the yurt? I keep trying to talk my wife into doing a snowshoe trip to a yurt but she thinks spending the night outside in the winter is crazy, even if it is in a yurt.
Awesome. I camped there at the crossing when it was flooding one year. We couldn't find a way to cross it safely.
I've never been to that part of the Uintas before, it was fun to see it all covered in snow.
I definitely have to see it at one point without snow this summer when heading back to some of the other areas I want to backpack.
Next time I go skiing in the Uintas I will definitely do Shingle creek.
With all the snow this winter it must be a fun trip as well.

I wonder if there are regulations regarding snow camping. It would be fun to ski or snowshoe in somewhere and then snow camp for a night.
You'd definitely need climbing skins and going back down would be really scary if you weren't full on downhill skiing.