Crater Lake and Lone Eagle Peak

Mar 18, 2014
A good friend indulged me and repeated this trip so that I could venture up into the basins below Lone Eagle Peak, a bucket list hike if you live probably within 100 miles of it (as a crow flies). Getting around from the front range to the Grand Lake area takes 2+ hours. We took a 1/2 day on Friday and got up and settled into a campsite as the sun was setting. The next day we explored up to Pawnee Lake and the lake basin leading up to Triangle Lake. We didn't make it all the way up to Triangle. I'll have to take my son there one day and venture up there. The entire panorama looks amazing from any angle. The Indian Peaks, as they're called, are just one gorgeous set of mountains, especially on the picture perfect fall weekend. Also, we got to see 2 moose in a mating ritual. They were running at full tilt up and down the lakeshore as boaters and people watched from shore. He really was persistent with his lady moose. We didn't stick around to see the courtship rituals but the chase was interesting to watch.

I couldn't get many more photos uploaded here. Most file sizes were too big, so I just went with these. P1020100_1_2Natural.jpgP1020398.jpgP1020403_4_5Natural.jpgP1020302.jpgP1020359.jpg


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I love that area! I've been up that trail 3-4 times and every time I have seen moose. I haven't been there in several years though and it sure has been getting more popular. Some of the easier peaks and passes around there are awesome too.