Crash Site/Lower Hades Canyon 2-15-15


Feb 15, 2013
A service project was suggested by Death Valley National Park. The Coalition of American canyoneers jumped on board. The death Valley Wilderness Coordinator Charlie Callagan wanted to survey a not historic plane crash site. Here Charlie describes the crash....
We used GPS to mark the perimeters of the crash site. Some day, the debris may get removed. Perhaps not, but the information has been gathered and the site accessed. Nine members of CAC joined Charlie and Search and Rescue Ranger John Dormen. The group moved well over the complex, steep and loose slopes surrounding the crash site. The conversation was lively all day long.

After the survey was finished, the group descended further then found a non technical way into Hades Canyon, 9 rappels from the bottom. The group descended safely to the road. On the way conversations and demonstrations of techniques, style ethics, along with park goals, projects from the future, input for what is to be called a registration, not a permit system, that will not be implemented any time soon, we discussed in detail. So many good ideas and suggestions flew in every direction and a bond of friendship, respect and support was formed between CAC and DVNP, that service projects will become an annual affair. Thanks to all who volunteered.

Here are the pictures of the day..
Wilderness Coordinator at DV. Charlie Callagan

SAR Ranger John Dorman

On the ridge approach

off the ridge. The site is somewhere down there, 2,800 vertical below

Stumbling on pieces

Big Mike Cressman brought 5 GPS

Lunch in the impact crater



Mark, Everett, Louis and Tom in front

Tom Jones, Rick Kent

After a long and at times challenging scramble down, we found a non tech way into Lower Hades and did the last 9 raps or so

Louis thinking it over


out the bottom...the day a total success.

Later that evening, around the fire, a surprise belated birthday party was sprung, to total surprise.

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